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Global M&P Properties Management Team

Marco Pasi and Mattia Martini originally started out in the Law and International Tax Planning industries respectively, before following their true passion for property and setting up the property search consultancy, Global M&P Properties, in 2009. Originally coming from Italy, they saw an opportunity to offer a unique service to international buyers wanting to live and/or invest in luxury residential property in London, a service in which they now specialise. They realised that just helping a buyer to acquire their property was not enough. They needed to be involved after the transaction was completed offering assistance and a full range of services including, but not limited to: property management, interior design and a property concierge service.

Mattia Martini Founder / Director

Mattia studied Economics in Bologna. After graduation he quickly moved to London where he worked as an International Tax Planner for a well known company located in Mayfair. He had always had a passion for real estate and when Marco Pasi, arrived in London, he eagerly seized the opportunity to set up an exclusive property search consultancy with him.

“Managing a portfolio is not about just doing deals. Each client is different and we make sure we understand what works for them and so maximise the opportunities we can achieve for them.”

Marco Pasi Founder / Director

Marco studied Law at Bocconi University in Milan. Having graduated from Bocconi he went on to work as a lawyer in the financial industry before making the move to London where he co-founded Global M&P Properties Limited.

“The London property market is unique as is London itself. Extensive research coupled with a detailed knowledge of how the market works allows us to give our clients the property services they need and expect.”

Barbara Bentini Office Manager / Property Manager

Barbara studied Law at Bologna University. After graduating in 2004, she was admitted to the bar in 2007 and worked as a licensed lawyer within international law firms in Rome and Bologna. In 2013 she joined Marco Pasi and Mattia Martini in London to manage the company's properties.

“There is nothing more rewarding than having the feeling of being at home, no matter where you are. With this thought in mind, I endeavour every day to carefully manage and look after our clients' properties, in each and every detail.”